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Go developer needed!

Mautinoa Technologies is building a platform that allows people in need of humanitarian aid to receive and transact using digital cash. A longer description of what we do and who we are can be found in our FAQ.

In order to build up the backend API and services that constitute the core of our platform, we are looking for a highly skilled, experienced and motivated Go developer. You would not only help us developing the backend but be involved in making key technological and architectural decisions, especially when it comes to scalability and reliability.

We as a team are spread throughout the world with people in the US, Canada, UK, Belgium and Germany. However, we aim at concentrating our development in Europe, preferably in Berlin as you will be working closely together with our Android Development team.

At Mautinoa Technologies we believe that smaller teams of more excellent people produce better results. We want organizational and decision making processes to aid, not hinder us. This does not mean that we expect our people to burn out but rather commit to a longer project with a very high level of quality and individual responsibility.

If you are up for an exceptional challenge and the above sounds appealing for you, you might want to check our requirements. Still think you’re a perfect match? Contact us the way you like. We don’t care about fancy cover letters or shiny CVs. A few nice words about yourself and a link to Github is perfectly okay. If you have built any nice things you can show us: great!



  • You actually know what you do rather than relying on formal credentials. (Which are fine, but there are many ways to achieve excellence)
  • You have been doing Go development for a few years now
  • You have used other languages and frameworks.
  • You have more than a basic understanding of Information Security
  • You are familiar with functional programming and its idioms
  • You see yourself capable of coming to an informed decision about what technologies to use, based on reason and not on personal preference or experiences
  • You are willing to learn. A lot.
  • You care.
  • You are not afraid of intellectual challenges. The harder the better


  • Experience building and/or auditing secure systems
  • Experience writing exploits
  • Experience with automatic testing, pair programming, S.O.L.I.D. principles, Clean Code principles and Continuous Integration
  • You are equally passionate about prototyping new things, getting stuff done and being involved in a possibly tiresome QA process

Think you have what it takes? Send your CV and portfolio to jobs@mautinoa.com