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DevOps Engineer needed!

Mautinoa Technologies is building a platform to allow for digital banking solutions that are resilient to withstand intermittent network outages and are affordable enough for even the most marginalized communities. So in a nutshell we make it possible for people in developing countries, disaster areas or in need of humanitarian aid to receive and transact digital cash.  A longer description of where we are currently at can be found in this medium post 

As we are running in real life financial environments, our systems need to be extremely reliable. In the past two years we have built an infrastructure upon AWS that runs sufficiently but not only needs constant maintenance but quite a bit of extra work to make sure it is going to run as soon as the transaction load increases and we roll out to more countries. Hence, while this position requires a certain level of experience, we do encourage you to apply even if you might think this job might be “a little over your current capabilities”.

The Mautinoa team is spread throughout the world, with people in the US, UK and Germany. However, our app development currently takes place in Europe. Our offices are located in Berlin, but we are open to remote workers all around the world. As we are and will stay a remote team, you should have a certain level of self-discipline and ability to work from home (or a co-working space).

Currently we are on the brink of releasing our System in the country of East Timor and hopefully subsequently around different countries in South East Asia and Sub Sahara Africa. And while we have built a working (and stable!) MVP, we are constantly learning from our users to produce a useable product that can change the trajectories of the lives of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

If you want to learn more, our “Project, Product and People” Manager Julian did a talk about “How to be successful by doing everything wrong”.

At Mautinoa Technologies we believe that smaller teams of outstanding people produce better results. We want organisational and decision-making processes to aid, not hinder us. To avoid burn out, we expect our people to commit to a longer project with a very high level of quality and individual responsibility. We value mental well-being over “showing face” and try as hard as we can to accommodate for every individual’s needs in order to create a maximally productive (output per hour, not hours worked) work environment.

We highly value neurological diversity (with many of us on the Autism spectrum or having ADHD and other conditions) and in this regard we nurture a culture of vulnerability. We also aim to be a highly diverse company, as we fundamentally believe that cultural as well as gender-diversity is what makes our products better and the challenges that arise from heterogeneity allow us to grow and excel. (If you want to learn more, our former CTO Meredith and our current “Project, Product and People” manager Julian did a talk about managing Neurodiversity which you can find here)

If you are up for an exceptionally interesting and rewarding job and you want to do good in the world while working with an excellent team, check out our requirements.
Still think you’re a perfect match? Contact us the way you like. We don’t care about fancy cover letters or shiny CVs. A few nice words about yourself and a link to Github is perfectly okay.


  • You actually know what you do rather than relying on formal credentials (Which are fine, but there are many ways to achieve excellence).
  • You have been things with Linux for quite a while now
  • If you hear “Devops” you immediately have a detailed concept of the tasks at hand
  • You know your way around AWS
  • You are willing and able to help out with regular on-call duties to make sure our uptime is as close to 100% as possible
  • You are willing to learn. A lot.
  • You care.
  • You are not afraid of intellectual challenges!


  • Experience building and/or auditing secure systems.
  • You know what the following terms mean and feel comfortable around them:
    • AWS technologies like IAM, S3, EC2, ELB, RDS, VPC, KMS, Route 53…
    • Chef cookbooks, Terraform, Postgres & Mysql administration,
    • Continuous integration and deployment tools like Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Git
    • Monitoring tools like Nagios,  Grafana, Prometheus
    • Logging such as Splunk
  • You know a lot about automated testing and can help our team fill a blind spot
  • You have a general idea about compliance issues
  • You are able to drive forward our infrastructure, try out new ideas and can, optimally, create a vision of what it should be and work towards it
  • Ideally you will have a proven track record in administrating payment systems or other high availability environments.

Think you have what it takes? Send your CV and portfolio to