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Design Researcher needed!

Mautinoa Technologies is building a platform that allows people in need of humanitarian aid to receive and transact using digital cash. A longer description of what we do and who we are can be found in our FAQ.

After proving the technical viability of our concept and creating a first prototype, we are now starting to build a product ready to be tested in the real world. We are aiming to enter beta phase in October.

We aim to build an app that can be used in extremely difficult situations, by people who may not be very technically adept, possibly traumatised by natural disaster, and of whom a small proportion of whom may be functionally illiterate.,

We therefore require a design researcher. You will be working closely with our UX and development team, working to creating the basis for the design prototype and app, designing UX studies, conducting field tests and interviews in target areas.

At Mautinoa Technologies we believe that smaller teams of more excellent people produce better results. We want organizational and decision making processes to aid, not hinder us. This does not mean that we expect our people to burn out but rather commit to a longer project with a very high level of quality and individual responsibility.

If you are up for an exceptional challenge and the above sounds appealing for you, you might want to check our requirements. Still think you’re a perfect match? Contact us the way you like. We don’t care about fancy cover letters or shiny CVs. A few nice words about yourself and a link to some work you have done would is equally great!



  • You actually know what you do rather than relying on formal credentials. (Which are fine, but there are many ways to achieve excellence.)
  • You are willing to travel to difficult environments and ideally have some experience doing so.
  • You know how to conduct design research studies and have knowledge in the field of user research (interviews, usability tests, and scenarios)
  • You know some design thinking methods and ideally have some practical experience and a portfolio of products you’ve worked on
  • You have extensive experience with digital products, especially mobile apps
  • You have experience with non-western mainstream user groups
  • You have experience with illiterate user groups
  • You are self driven. You will tell us what you need to do.
  • You are passionate about your opinions and able to convince us when you’re right.
  • You are willing to learn. A lot.
  • You care.
  • You are not afraid of intellectual challenges. The harder the better


  • Experience working in developing countries and / or humanitarian operations
  • Fluency in one Non-European language

Think you have what it takes? Send your CV and portfolio to